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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a sound that one hears which does not correspond to a sound produced in the world outside one's own body.

That sound can be "objective" rarely, and means that someone besides one's self can hear that sound too
or that sound can be "subjective", meaning that it is heard only by one's self.

The later type of tinnitus is the most common form people complain about to doctors.
Tinnitus is described as "ringing", "crickets", "chirping", "buzzing" and the like.

It can be so distracting that patients sometimes seek psychiatric care to deal with the relentless bother of the sound.
Most often the Tinnitus is something that people notice gradually and which most people "get used to" over time.

Tinnitus can be a sign of a high frequency hearing loss, usually at 4 K or 4000 Hz.
This type of sensori-neural hearing loss at 4000 cps is often associated with a history of loud noise exposure,
such as factories, drills, saws and firearms.

The Department of Defense has said that Tinnitus, Imbalance and Hearing Loss
are the most frequently complained about problems of our returning veterans from the War on Terrorism.